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Malika Home Services is committed to providing peronalized high-quality home care services in Ottawa. Our compassionate and dedicated staff ensure health and well-beig for our clients when independence within a home environment is necessary. we provide peace of mind for all your family needs including cleaning, cooking and other professional services. Malika Home Care Services is where quality meets affectionate care.



  • Malika Home Services seeks out clients regardless of their race, nationality, sexual orientation, cultural or religious belief.

  • Malika Home Services provides prompt, reliable and professional services to all its clients to meet their individual basic health, housekeeping and emotional needs

  • Malika Home Services treats all its clients with respect and dignity while respecting their Rights and preferences

  • Malika Home Services maintains privacy & confidentiality of information of all its clients and will disclose information only as directed by legislations & regulations.

  • Malika Home Services employs qualified staff that are screened for health and security precautions in ensuring clients’ safety

  • Malika Home Services offers a commitment-free initial consultation, prior to any signed contractual agreement

  • Malika Home Services offers competitive pricing for customized services and allows a fair payment period before any penalty is added.